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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Wedding to Remember

We have been buried under snow for about two weeks. I do love the snow, the hot chocolate, and being burrowed in the house with my family. But, I am starting to get a little restless. I miss the sun, flowers, walking outside without 18 layers. Being stuck inside so much lately makes me think of the new things I want to do. The new directions I want my life to take and the other moments of new choice and beginnings in my life.

Above you see our wedding pictures. Kevin and I met in San Francisco. Actually, Embarcedero I (the setting for the 70's disaster film starring Charlton Heston: The Towering Inferno!). Kevin still says our "unofficial song" is Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire. We got married on the Northern California coast. Today I still believe it was the most beautiful most romantic wedding I've ever been to. I probably am very biased, but I think its good for our marriage to romanticize our beginning. It was such a special day to have people who were most important to us witness our beginning and celebrate with us. We rented a Bed and Breakfast for an entire weekend. Our families flew in from all over the country to celebrate and spend our wedding weekend with us! My Grandmother who was 73 at the time took her first airplane ride ever to be with us! Although it was a whirlwind, even with two full days to celebrate, I was aware of how important and special this day was. I am so glad for all the preparation and love that went into that weekend.

Fast forward ten years and another wedding. Kevin and I renewed our vows in the backyard of our own home on the East Coast. This wedding was just as special and just as joyous but deeper for the ten years that had passed. My Grandmother had since passed away, which made me long for all those people that were with us in Northern California. But at the same time I cherished all the new happiness in our lives too. Our daughters sang at our wedding this time. They sang Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World". Indeed it is.

Pictures help us capture these moments, music helps us to hang on to these moments, time together to reminisce help us to hold on. That's why Happiest Days Designs was created. We created Happiest Days Designs as a keepsake, a usable, functional keepsake to act as a touchstone for those happy moments big and small.

Since so many couples are in the planning stages for summer weddings we have launched several new china sets perfect for the wedding party and gifts for the wedding couple! Here are two of my favorites the Tree of Life (above) and the Wedding Bouquet designs (below). We have the new Bridal Head Table Suite which includes 10 dessert plates as a thank-you for the wedding party and one cake plate and glass dome for the Wedding Couple. There is also the dessert set for two, great for the Bride and Groom to use at their reception or to have coffee and cake the next morning. Check out all the options at www.happiestdaysdesigns.etsy.com.

I really do love weddings. But since I already had two with the same man, I probably should wait awhile before I do it again! Check back in a day or two, I’ll list a recipe for chocolate chip banana cake, a great cake for a homey wedding. Also, pretty good any old weekend thereafter.

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