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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lookin' for a Bargain...

Well, to honor the fact we have now been on Etsy's Front Page three whopping times in our entire six month existence, I want to thank all our supporters and throw you some love.

Hull's Happiest Days Designs will give 10% off your next order on either of our sites:

www.happiestdaysdesigns.com or www.happiestdaysdesigns.etsy.com

Plus, if you refer a friend to our blog or facebook fanpage and they become a follower we will give you an additional 5% off! That's a total of 15% WOW!

All you need to do is enter in the comments section (either site: happyfrontpage10 and the name of your friend (if you decided to participate in this section) and we will refund your percentage off your bill within 24 hours.

Lots of gift giving occasions coming up: Father's Day, Weddings, celebrate new baby and oh yes, new parents, or maybe just because you want a little treat!

Savin' Money always makes my day Happy!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Personalized Express Cake Plates...Handcrafted beauties in a hurry!

Do you love beautiful handcrafted work but hate to wait? Or you need a special unique gift in a hurry? Well, Hull's Happiest Days Designs Personalized Express is just for you! We are offering three of our fabulous designs: Bridal Bouquet, Home Sweet Home, and Gazebo complete with a ceramic pen, made specifically for writing on china/porcelain. This way you can personalize your cake plate with a little message or handwrite the couple's name yourself! Then bake it in your own oven for 35 minutes at 300 degrees to make the writing permanent.

As always our designs are hand created, hand applied, and kiln fired. The plates are food safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe. Just imagine our lovely designs with your handwritten sentiments, what a lovely treasure! A beautiful keepsake that will remind you and them of your happiest day!

Since you do the personalization yourself, we can ship these beauties within 24 hours. We ship USPS Priority mail so your gift will arrive lickety split.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thank-you for your support! We've donated....

Thank-you to all our customers for supporting Hull's Happiest Days Designs! Our little business that is growing and growing has been able to donate a total of $70 to a national children's charity and the fight against hunger! We've only been in business for 6 months, so that's quite a coupe! Currently we donate 3% of your purchase price to back to national charities. As our company grows we plan for our donation percentage to grow too.

It was always part of our business plan to create a company that gives back. So many people have very few happy days, and we wanted to make sure that we can help in some way to create more moments of joy with our work! Thank-you for helping us to make that happen.

Thank-you for making this one of my happiest days!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Home is where the Heart is, and I'll be working here too...

Well, my life is entering another chapter. I’ve entered the final grades for my Theatre students at the College where I have been teaching for 5 years. The Performing Arts Program performed Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and they did a fantastic job! It’s hard to believe that will be the last show I’ll direct there. I will certainly miss them and all the drama of a bustling collegiate program, but my life is heading in new directions and I guess, I must follow. Hull’s Happiest Days Designs will be my focus, of course along with my two beautiful girls who will be home during the summer too!

So, hopefully my days will take a quieter rhythm. I am excited to get to work in our home studio developing more dessertware designs and finding new opportunities and partnerships to bring them to others. I really am a homebody at heart and I just love putzing around my own house dreaming up new projects!

The economy is still working hard to rebound and many people are staying close to home these days, inviting friends over to dinner, or home birthday parties, and even weddings! I think having a home full of meaningful objects is important. I can walk around my own home and I see the stone doll house my grandfather made, and the large primitive wooden china cabinet my husband and I got at a resale store close to our first home together, even the butcher block island in our kitchen was originally from my grandmother’s home. Objects have so much more meaning when they act as touchstones for particular moments in life or connect you to important people you love. I love creating our dessertware knowing that usually it’s purchased for important life moments, like moving into a new home. The pictures you see are of our new line of dessertware featuring home! These are lovely little mementos to welcome someone to a new home or just for yourself to openly cherish the home life you already have!

We’ve been at our new (old home – its 250 years old!) for two years now this week. I haven’t yet finished personalizing it yet, there are still projects I want to do. There’s always something to do for a house! I do love it because it’s ours. It’s where our family spends time together, where we have fun, and where we come to be safe. My favorite coffee cup, that I drink out of every day is our Home sweet Home mug. The front door says: Hull Family. That little coffee mug puts a smile on my face because everyone and everything I love most in the world lies right inside my front door!

Monday, May 10, 2010

We have a WINNER!

We have a winner from our Bridal Headtable Suite Giveaway! Kristinia C. will be celebrating her wedding this Fall with Hull's Happiest Days Designs Cake service: one cake plate with glass dome and twelve dessert plates in our SWEETHEARTS Design. This is a $210 VALUE!


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