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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I learned from Valentine's Day-my happy moment

Well, Valentine's Day is past. We did really have a wonderful Valentine's Day, but as I sit her and ruminate on the holiday and what makes it special to me, I think there are some elements I'd like to pull from Valentine's Day to the rest of the year. Namely: Brownies, making stuff, and saying how I feel to those I love.

Let's start with Brownies, really what's not to like about brownies? If you cut them into heart shapes then you'll probablly eat less and still get all the yumminess without the I just ate a 1/2 a pan of brownine hangover. Yes, heart shaped cookie cutters are a must do. All year round.

Making Stuff. I love making stuff. I have a business of making stuff, I have been an artist of one form or another all my life. But lately, and not so lately, I have been so busy marketing stuff, teaching stuff, and cleaning up stuff, not so much time to make new stuff. So for Valentine's Day I decided to make paper maiche heart boxes. I spent a blissful afternoon alone with my hands in newsprint, wall paper paste, and duct tape. Unfortunately it took more time than I expected for the wall paper paste to dry so alas I only made one Paper Maiche Heart Box. But that's ok-it was perfect to hold our family's hand made valentines, (another lovely afternoon). I'll get to the other two by next Valentine's Day. However, the point is not the quantity of creating but the enjoyment of the experience. I need to create weekly, if not daily for balance.

Lastly, tell those I love them, I love them, the good old fashioned way and write it down. My husband and I started a tradition when we were dating to write a love poem to one another every Valentine's Day. We even have a beautiful handmade notebook. For the first several years of our life toghether we faithfully stuck to the tradition, then we had the kids, things got a bit hectic-not so many poems, got a bit sporadic. This year we went back to our tradition. Even though I had to re-read my husbands poem three times comparing our love to a row boat. I finally understood his analogy and the fact he so carefully crafted it means the world to me. I enjoyed stopping everything and writing for him as well. I think I need to stop and appreciate the wonderful man and family in my life more often than once a year!

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